Dennis Tarnow gets kicked out as head of perio/implantology in NY:

Dr. Dennis Tarnow Steps Down as Chair of the Ashman

Department of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry

I received word last Friday that, during the 20th Annual NYU/ICOI Implant
Symposium, Dr. Dennis P. Tarnow announced his decision to step down from his position as Chair of the Ashman Department of Periodontology and Implant
Dentistry. I have accepted his resignation as of this date.

For over 30 years, Dr. Tarnow has been one of the most consistent contributors to the College of Dentistry.  He has served as the founding chair of the Department of Implant Dentistry since 1992 and as the chair of the Ashman Department of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry since 2005, when the two departments merged. Dr. Tarnow is trained in both prosthodontics and periodontics and is Board-certified in periodontics. He has played a pivotal role in building a growing national body of evidence on ways of significantly improving the oral health of fully- and partially-edentulous patients.

In addition to his teaching, research, and administrative duties at NYUCD, Dr. Tarnow has established a global network of alumni of the College’s Advanced Study Program in Implant Dentistry for International Dentists, many of whom are generous supporters of the NYUCD.

While I do not normally write about personnel discussions with department
chairs, Dr. Tarnow’s announcement causes me to deviate from that practice.
For more than a year Dr. Tarnow and I have been in discussions over the best
approach to take in managing significant operational and curricular problems in this large and complex department.  Intending to take nothing away from Dr. Tarnow’s visionary leadership in the creation and growth of the Department of Implant Dentistry, the complexity and success of the Department necessitates greater attention and time-commitment than Dr. Tarnow is willing to provide.
Those discussions were still in progress when Dr. Tarnow announced his
decision.  It had been my hope that he would accept a new, school-wide role in the area of translational research—a position commensurate with his time
availability.   Knowing now that he will not be accepting this new position, I
am confident that he will bring his great strengths to his long-standing role
as a tenured professor. This will allow him to continue to provide outstanding
education to students and to continue his role as a leading clinical research
scientist in implant dentistry at NYU.

At present, my primary focus is meeting the pressing needs of the Department, cognizant that sometimes the best way to secure and promote a valued legacy is to pass the torch to new leadership.  Thus, I will appoint a search committee later this week charged with conducting an international search aimed at identifying a worthy successor to Dr. Tarnow.  Meanwhile, I have asked Dr. Stuart Hirsch to assume the role of Interim Chair, effective immediately.

Please join me in thanking Dr. Tarnow for his extraordinary service and
congratulating him on his many accomplishments.
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  1. Dennis Tarnow was asked to step down as Chair and founder of the Department of Periodontics and Implant Dentistry after refusing Dean Bertolami’s pressure to allow an implant company to donate $$ in exchange for controlled usage of their product.
    Because Dr Tarnow felt the new administration at NYU Dental School was ethically compromised and taking the department in the wrong direction, he stepped down (as requested) but then gave up his tenured position at NYU Dental School after 33 illustrious years of teaching since he lost all respect for the dental school administration.
    10 Faculty members resigned immediately, 15 more followed within a month, and more are due to resign at the end of the semester.
    Dr Tarnow has been welcomed at Columbia Dental School and will start an Implant program there.

    • Dr. Tarnow and his associate Jon Zamzok treated my entire upper mouth about twenty years ago. It was not until many years later (and well beyond the statute of limitations for me to be able to sue), that I learned they had filed down several healthy teeth and left an improperly fitted bridge covering four teeth after removing several implants they said had loosened almost immediately after Dennis Tarnow put them into my mouth. These two suffer from ego and greed and a lack of what is most important which is heart. This was told to me by a surgeon they refer patients to who did not know when I saw him many years later who had done the scandalous work.

      • Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, but this was very much opposite to my experience. Dr. Tarnow treated what seemed to me to be a complicated dental condition — and with finesse. It was affordable, and at no time did he or anyone in his office display any sign of ego or greed. Quite the opposite; a modest person. If you google, you will see that he and his wife donated $1 million for an NYU dental clinic. He and his staff were very caring and even let me play my oboe in the office to make sure what they’d created would work for me and my professional life as a musician.

      • @ jillian spencer – The experience you described is strikingly, and chillingly, similar to the experience I had under the care of these dentists. They filed down healthy teeth and left them to decay, all the while under an improperly fitted, ill-formed bridge.

  2. thank you very much for this contribution. Meanwhile we also know the name of the mentioned implant company as well as everybody in the small world of implantolgy is knowing the background

    Well this is…..

  3. I’m a little confused, the blog title and the description of the situation conflict. The title suggests he was “kicked out”, however the text of your commentary seems to indicate that Dr. Tarnow resigned. “I have accepted his resignation…”

    Additionally Karen Tarnow’s comment above supports the fact that it was indeed a resignation.

    In any event, your title really doesn’t accurately portray the events. In the spirit of editorial accuracy, might I suggest that the title be modified.

  4. If you know Dr.Tarnow just a little bit, you understand that he would NEVER leave NYUCD and his students, especially in the middle of the year after 33 years of teaching. I hope one day Dean Bertolami will be “kicked out” from NYU…Congratulations to Columbia Dental School! You have the best TEACHER ever!!!

  5. The title here is misleading….in reality it sounds like Dr. Tarnow took the high road and left on his own terms. As a professional woodwind player who’d lost my front tooth, I’ve got to laud Dr. Tarnow for saving my music career. He, Dr. Richard Smith, and their office took outstanding care of me. I hope the title of this entry could be edited, as I don’t think it’s what the author meant and Dr. Tarnow deserves much, much better.

  6. i have had the good fortune to be one doctor tarnow patient for over 5 years he is amazing caring and the best profesional i have ever come accross.extraction,implants, new bridge in one day.

  7. I have been a patient of dr dennis tarnow for over 15 years. His work is amazing and I am extremely happy with all his dental work. He is personable and caring and always ready to discuss any options available. I feel very fortunate to have such a truly great dentist work on my teeth.

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